Custom Synthesis

Custom Synthesis

We can handle reactions from single-step to more complex, difficult multi-step in gram to kilogram scales with thetop chemical scientists in China to meet your special requirements.
We are able to synthesize a large variety of molecules including:
Building blocks, scaffolds and synthesis for combinatorial chemistry
New chemical entities or analogues for lead discovery and optimization
Reference compounds such as metabolites or impurities

Chemical reaction possibilities

Acylation / Amidation / Amination Asymmetric synthesis
Condensation / Chiral resolution / Cyclization / Dehalogenation / Diazotization Esterification / Etherification / Friedel-Crafts Reaction / Grignard reaction
Halogenation / Heterocyclic chemistry / High-Pressure reaction up to 10Mpa
High-temperature reaction +300 C / Low-temperature reaction -80 C
Nitration / Oxidation / Phase transfer reaction / Reduction / Hydrogenation

Scale-up Synthesis

Process optimization for shorter synthesis
Scheme modification to use cheaper reagents
Kilo lab with capacity up to 10kg
Efficient knowledge transfer to plant

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